Busking in Zagreb

Zagreb is one of my favourite cities if not THE favourite city, there is something about it that hugs you and makes you feel welcome. This is also where I first started busking and was figuring out the basics. There are lots of pedestrian areas and small streets with great acoustics where it’s easy to set up without bothering anyone, the spot I like the most is a viewing point behind St. Catherine’s church in the upper town. The acoustics in there are perfect and always a steady stream of people walking past. There are also places to sit and enjoy the music if someone chooses to do so. When it comes to permits there is a way to get those but I was told by a city warden that if I stay off the main square then it’s ok without it. I never had any problems, police don’t seem to care and people are very friendly. Just be mindful, don’t stay too long in one spot and have enough repertoire so you don’t repeat songs too often, an hour-long set works well for me and after that, I move to another location.

Zagreb is a wonderful place, very different from the coastal part of Croatia but amazing in its own way, with many great parks and blazingly fast free city WiFi.

Even if you are not a busker this is a must see place while visiting Croatia.


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